Ferrari Carbon Ceramic Brake Discs
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Ferrari Carbon Ceramic Brake Discs


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Introducing Triton’s Carbon Ceramic Brake Discs for various Ferrari applications – a revolutionary upgrade that surpasses OE standards, setting new benchmarks in performance and longevity. Our brake discs are meticulously crafted using long fiber continuous 3D bonding technology, a significant advancement beyond the conventional chopped carbon fiber used in OE discs.

Key Advantages:

Unmatched Performance: Triton’s Carbon Ceramic Brake Discs redefine performance excellence. The long fiber continuous 3D bonding ensures a homogenous structure, providing superior heat dissipation and reducing brake fade, even under extreme driving conditions. Experience responsive and consistent braking that enhances your Ferrari’s performance to unprecedented levels.

Extended Longevity: Triton’s innovative manufacturing process results in brake discs with exceptional durability. The long fiber continuous 3D bonding not only enhances strength but also minimizes wear and tear, significantly extending the lifespan of the discs compared to traditional OE counterparts. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Triton’s Carbon Ceramic Brake Discs offer longevity that goes beyond standard expectations.

Enhanced Heat Resistance: Our discs excel in heat management. The long fiber continuous 3D bonding technology enhances thermal stability, effectively reducing the risk of brake fade and ensuring optimal performance even during prolonged and aggressive driving. Triton’s brake discs are engineered to withstand high temperatures, maintaining consistent braking efficiency.

Reduced Weight for Improved Dynamics: Triton’s commitment to excellence extends to the overall driving experience. The use of advanced materials results in brake discs that are not only stronger but also lighter than OE alternatives. This reduction in weight contributes to improved handling and agility, enhancing your Ferrari’s overall driving dynamics.

Upgrade your Ferrari’s braking system with Triton’s Carbon Ceramic Brake Discs – where cutting-edge technology, superior performance, and extended longevity converge to elevate your driving experience. Embrace a new era of precision braking with Triton.

These are available as direct replacement for your OEM CCB/CCM brake discs or as an upgrade that can be used with your existing calipers.

Available for almost every modern high performance car.

Price is for a full set of front and rear discs, and pads.

Turn around time is about 65 days.

Send us an email at to discuss your needs.


California, F430, F458, F488, F599

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