C8 Audi RS6, RS7 Floating Brake Discs
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C8 Audi RS6, RS7 Floating Brake Discs


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Elevate your C8 Audi RS6, RS7 ‘s braking performance to new heights with Triton Motorsports’ True 2 Piece Floating Brake Discs. Crafted to replace the factory brake discs, our innovative design not only enhances performance but also ensures lasting reliability.

Key Features:

Enhanced Braking Dynamics: Experience a new level of confidence and control on the road or track. Triton Motorsports’ True 2 Piece Floating Brake Discs are engineered for optimal stopping power, providing instantaneous and precise braking response.

Exceptional Durability: Say goodbye to premature brake disc wear. Our discs are built to withstand the rigors of high-performance driving, offering longevity that surpasses factory standards.

Advanced Lightweight Design: Shedding unnecessary weight without compromising strength, our brake discs improve acceleration, handling, and overall driving efficiency. Your Audi will feel more agile than ever.

Precision Floating Construction: Featuring a true 2 piece floating design, our brake discs excel at heat dissipation, reducing the risk of brake fade. Enjoy consistent and confident braking, even during demanding driving conditions.

Upgrade your C8 Audi RS6, RS7’s braking system with Triton Motorsports’ True 2 Piece Floating Brake Discs and experience the difference in performance, durability, and driving confidence. Choose innovation, choose Triton Motorsports, and redefine your Audi’s braking capabilities with precision-engineered excellence.

Fitment: 2020-onwards RS6, RS7,

Specs: Front 420mmx40mm

Rear 370mmx30mm

Direct Replacement for the following OE Part # 4K0615301S, 4M8615301D, 4K0615601A

Hat: Billet Aluminum

Ring: G3500 High Carbon Steel

Multiple machining patterns available- Cross drilled, X Slots, J-Hook Slots, Dimpled, Combo.

#Hardware used for all discs will be optimized for weight. If you desire Bobbin style hardware as pictured here for more space, please specify via email.


Front, Front and Rear, Rear

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