Mercedes Benz AMG GT-R Carbon Ceramic Brake Discs
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Mercedes Benz AMG GT-R Carbon Ceramic Brake Discs


Elevate your Mercedes Benz AMG GT-R’s performance to unprecedented levels with Triton Motorsports’ cutting-edge carbon ceramic brake discs. Engineered using advanced third-generation technology, these discs utilize long continuous fibers, marking a significant leap from the conventional chopped fibers. This innovative design not only enhances strength but significantly improves resilience against the rigors of repetitive heat cycles – outperforming factory discs in both durability and reliability.

Triton Motorsports has meticulously developed a Reinforced Friction Layer (RFL) specifically tailored for street applications, ensuring that these brakes not only deliver exceptional stopping power but also boast longevity that could potentially outlast the life span of your vehicle. The integration of such groundbreaking technology guarantees a seamless blend of high-performance functionality and unparalleled wear resistance.

Installing these state-of-the-art brake discs is as straightforward as it gets; they are designed to work as a direct replacement for the factory-installed counterparts, eliminating any need for additional modifications or complex installation procedures. By choosing Triton Motorsports’ carbon ceramic brake discs, you’re investing in superior braking performance that keeps you ahead of the curve – making it an essential upgrade for enthusiasts seeking to unlock the full potential of their Mercedes Benz AMG GT-R.

Fitment: 2017+ AMG GT-R

Front: 420x40mm ; Rear: 360x26mm

Triton’s Carbon Ceramic Brakes serve as direct replacement for your OEM CCB/CCM brake discs and no modification is required.

Price is for a full set of front and rear discs, and pads.

Turn around time is about 65 days.

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