B8 Audi SQ5 Floating Brake Discs
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B8 Audi SQ5 Floating Brake Discs



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Elevate your Audi SQ5’s braking prowess with Triton Motorsports’ True 2 Piece Floating Brake Discs – the definitive upgrade that replaces one-piece cast brake discs. Engineered for superior performance and endurance, these advanced brake discs redefine precision braking, setting new standards for both control and reliability.

Key Advantages:

Enhanced Braking Performance: Experience a new level of confidence with Triton Motorsports’ True 2 Piece Floating Brake Discs. Designed for optimal stopping power, these discs provide instantaneous and responsive braking, ensuring absolute control on any road or driving scenario.

Unrivaled Durability: Built to withstand high-performance demands, our brake discs offer exceptional longevity, eliminating concerns about premature wear or replacement. Enjoy lasting performance and unwavering dependability.

Advanced Lightweight Design: Shedding unnecessary weight without compromising strength, Triton Motorsports’ True 2 Piece Floating Brake Discs are expertly engineered to enhance agility and responsiveness, delivering a driving experience that truly stands out.

Precision Floating Design: Featuring a true 2 piece floating design, our brake discs maximize heat dissipation, effectively minimizing the risk of brake fade. Experience consistent, confident braking even during intense driving conditions.

Upgrade your Audi SQ5’s braking system with Triton Motorsports’ True 2 Piece Floating Brake Discs and embark on a journey of unparalleled performance, durability, and driving confidence. Choose innovation, choose Triton Motorsports, and redefine your Audi experience with precision-engineered excellence.

Front 380mm (Replaces part #s 4H0615301AN, 4H0615301AB, 4H0615301AA

Rear 330mm (Replaces part #s 4H0615601H, 4H0615601K, 8W0615601E, 8W0615601K)

Fitment: B8 Audi SQ5

Ring Material: G3500 High Carbon Steel

Hat Material: Billet Aluminum

Warranty: 1y/36000 mi (whichever comes first) against manufacturer defects.

Note: Several other machining patterns are available. Please contact us via email at info@tritonmotorsportsusa.com to discuss.

Turn around time ~45 days

** For replacement rotor rings, please contact us via email.

** Noise reduction/anti vibration shims are highly recommended.

#Hardware pictured is optimized for weight. If you desire Bobbin style hardware for more space, please specify via email.


Front, Front and Rear, Rear

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