C8 Audi A6, A7 Floating Brake Discs
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C8 Audi A6, A7 Floating Brake Discs



Enhance your driving experience with Triton Motorsports’ meticulously engineered Floating Brake Discs, specifically tailored for the C8 Audi A6 and A7 models. Crafted with precision and innovation, these discs epitomize excellence in both performance and design, delivering a driving sensation unlike any other.


Floating Design: Incorporates a floating mechanism that allows for independent movement between the disc and the mounting bell. This design reduces heat transfer and minimizes distortion under heavy braking, ensuring consistent performance and longevity.

Lightweight Construction: Engineered using advanced materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, our discs are significantly lighter than factory brake discs. This reduction in weight translates to improved handling, quicker acceleration, and reduced unsprung mass, enhancing overall driving dynamics.

Enhanced Heat Dissipation: Designed with precision-drilled holes and a slotted surface, our discs facilitate superior heat dissipation, effectively minimizing brake fade and ensuring optimal performance even under demanding driving conditions.

Direct Replacement: Engineered to exact OEM specifications, Triton Motorsports’ Floating Brake Discs serve as a seamless and direct replacement for factory discs. Installation is hassle-free, requiring no modifications or additional components, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.


Unmatched Performance: Experience heightened braking precision and responsiveness, allowing you to confidently navigate corners and tackle challenging driving scenarios with unparalleled control and confidence.

Extended Durability: With their robust construction and advanced materials, our discs are built to withstand the rigors of high-performance driving, offering extended durability and reliability over time.

Optimized Driving Dynamics: The combination of reduced weight and enhanced heat dissipation results in optimized driving dynamics, providing a more engaging and exhilarating driving experience while maintaining safety and control.

Aesthetic Appeal: Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your Audi A6 or A7 with Triton Motorsports’ Floating Brake Discs. Their sleek design and impeccable finish add a touch of sophistication and style to your vehicle’s appearance, making a statement on the road or at the track.

Elevate Your Driving Experience with Triton Motorsports’ Floating Brake Discs: Discover the perfect fusion of performance, precision, and style for your C8 Audi A6 or A7.

Choose innovation, choose Triton Motorsports, and redefine your Audi’s braking capabilities with precision-engineered excellence.


Specs: Front 375mmx34mm

Rear 330mmx22mm

Direct Replacement for the following OE Part # 4M0-615-301-AS, 8W0-615-601-K

Hat: Billet Aluminum

Ring: G3500 High Carbon Steel

*Turnaround time ~45 days

Multiple machining patterns available- Cross drilled, X Slots, J-Hook Slots, Dimpled, Combo

#Hardware pictured is optimized for weight. If you desire Bobbin style hardware for more space, please specify via email.


Front, Front and Rear, Rear

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